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Live, In Person Course – Victoria – October 23 & 24
PISE (Camosun Interurban Campus)
Live Online Course – November 13 & 14
Live Online Course – March 5 & 6
Live, In Person Course – April 9 & 10
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Live Online Course – April 30 & May 1
  • When To Begin Rehabilitation
    Like any discussion about a particular topic, it is always good to start by looking at the macro concepts that the topic lies within. Every human, no matter their age, gender, or ethnicity is subject to some basic principles of physiology. I will discuss a couple of these…

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  • The Role of Beliefs in Musculoskeletal Health Care
    It is widely acknowledged that health is multifactorial and the biopsychosocial model is one of, if not the most often used model to describe this concept. The BPS model considers biological, psychological and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding health and disease. (Figure 1). Beliefs are…

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  • What is wrong with 3 sets of 10 reps?
    It depends. It depends on what setting we are talking about and what the context is within that setting. It depends on all of the details within that context.  Is this in a clinical setting? Is this in a high-performance strength and conditioning setting? Is the person injured…

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